Don't cry over spilled......Smoothie?

Geez. gEEEEEEEz.

My lack of posting has been due to the fact that I suffer from a curse that makes me break/lose/drop/ruin things that are nice. I'm totally not careless...things just happen. About a week ago I spilled a giant cup of smoothie all over my laptop keyboard (and it didn't even have alcohol in it!) ...and my cell phone may have suffered as well. It really sucks not having access to TV OR Internet...  I felt disconnected from the world.

Needless to say I now have a new phone (which I desperately needed anyways) but alas, I haven't had a chance to purchase a new laptop. Luckily my mom gave me hers today to borrow. Now I just have to decide between PC or Mac.

In the mean time of not posting, I've read 6 books which I will give my thoughts on some time in the near future.
They include: 
 Once a Witch (Witch, #1)Keeping the MoonWillow
Hex Hall (Hex Hall, #1)Demonglass (Hex Hall, #2)Songs for a Teenage Nomad  (HexHall was a REread)
I'm on a roll cracking down on my tbr pile.

Oh and  it's hot as balls where I live..COME ON FALL.

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