Bullying is NOT okay. My new hero.

I was teased/bullied from about 6th-11th grade. I was made fun of a lot for being overweight. It scarred me for life. I have deep emotional wounds that will never fully heal. People can be cruel. Bullying is NEVER okay.

This woman, Jennifer Livingston, is an inspiration and my new hero. Her response to her bully was handled with grace and intelligence, honesty and class. I wish I was half as brave as this woman.
Please check out this video.

"Do not let your self worth be defined by bullies. The cruel words of one are NOTHING compared to the shouts of many." -Jennifer Livingston


  1. I actually saw this the other day. It's good that people in the public eye are standing up for such an important issue. The attitudes and beliefs that breed bullying are taught, not born. I believe that no one is born with such cruelty in them, it gets soaked up from the world and the people around us. The only way to stop this is for the voices teaching love & acceptance for others to be louder than those spewing cruelty and hate. Words have consequences - for yourself and for others. We all need to think before we speak and we all need to teach the younger generation to be better than this.