Weekly Recap

So last week I was a little lax with the ole blog and didn't have very many posts due to the Thanksgiving blues.  Now that  that holiday is over with I'm back.  Here's a little recap of the past week of reading.

Books finished:

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson- Loved this road trip book, I'll post a review sometime in the next couple weeks. 5/5
Amy and Roger's Epic Detour

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson- This book is beautiful. It's hilarious and quirky and  heartbreaking and I couldn't put it down.  5/5
The Sky Is Everywhere

Currently reading:
For review from author- Prophecy Girl by Faith McKay. Just started this one yesterday, hoping to finish it up today.
Prophecy Girl (Lacuna Valley, #1)

Next up:
Of course this will probably change, but right now the next book I'm planning on reading is Looking for Alaska by John Green. This will be my first solo John Green book, I've read his co-authored books and am a huge fan. I also own Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars. The latter I'm just not ready to read yet... 
Looking for Alaska

I went and saw Breaking Dawn part II in theaters last weekend.  I've never been a fanatic about the movies, because the acting is just horrible. I can't even watch Twilight any more.  I must say, I felt like this one was made really well. The first 1/4-1/2 was a bit boring. And then BAM. Attention grabbed AND held.    AND don't tell anyone but I dare say Garrett now has my heart.. :)  He's my new favorite and I want more of him! I still can't believe that's Lee Pace. Of course I see it now that I know it's him. It's still crazy!

So this week I hope to post a few over-due reviews, some lists and my monthly recap. I have a plan for December. Well an idea of a plan in my head for posting in December. It's all about the follow-through.

I have my new Christmas tree up, now I just have to decorate it. First stop: the grocery store for hot chocolate.


  1. I didn't realize Lee Pace was in Breaking Dawn 2 until he walked onto the screen and BAM!!! there went my heart. The movie was fantastic - the best of them all. The ending was CRAZY - it veered from the books but in a great way. I have never seen that Lee Pace poster but OMG I have to google it now. Every time I come to your blog I find more and more things we have in common!

    Oh, and about the John Green books - my favorite of them all is Paper Towns. I hope you like them!

  2. I LOVE your comments! I agree that Breaking Dawn 2 was DEF the best of the movies. I've started Looking for Alaska by John Green and I'm already loving it. Can't wait to check out Paper Towns too!