Neil Gaiman and Sarah Dessen Signing!!! EEEEP.

The Ocean at the End of the LaneIt's official. I'm going to a Neil Gaiman signing!! I'm so stoked! I never would have even known about the signing if not for my book buddy Jessica (who I went to Yallfest with last year). In case you're interested, the signing is in Washington D.C on June 21st.  Click here for the site link. Neil Gaiman is a master of words. His stories all have some kind of creepy, weird, unusual feel to them.  (Let's face it, Neil looks a little creepy himself).  I've read several of his works, but my favorite by far is The Graveyard Book. One of my all-time favorites actually. For this particular signing, he is promoting his new book The Ocean at the End of the Lane. You do have to purchase a ticket for this one, which includes a copy of the book, and this event will most likely get sold out. THIS very well may be Neil's LAST signing in the U.S. for a veryvery long time from what I've been told, so it should NOT BE MISSED.

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ALSO. on June 4th Sarah Dessen will be in D.C. for a signing as well to promote her new book The Moon and More!! It sucks that it's on a Tuesday because D.C. isn't super close to where I live, but it's definitely do-able. AND seeing as Sarah Dessen is one of my all-time favorite contemporary authors, I can't NOT go. This one does not require a ticket from what I've seen. You can find the info for this signing on the same site as the link above.
The Moon and MoreThe Truth About ForeverJust ListenThis Lullaby

It's happening, it's happening!! 
 Basically I'm friggin stoked. I've never been to a signing like this before. WOOT.

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