Graphic Novel Review: Friends With Boys

Friends with Boys

(Goodreads Summary)
After years of homeschooling, Maggie is starting high school. It's pretty terrifying.

Maggie's big brothers are there to watch her back, but ever since Mom left it just hasn't been the same.

Besides her brothers, Maggie's never had any real friends before. Lucy and Alistair don't have lots of friends either. But they eat lunch with her at school and bring her along on their small-town adventures.

Missing mothers...distant brothers...high school...new friends... It's a lot to deal with. But there's just one more thing.


Genre: Graphic Novel, Young Adult
Published: February 28, 2012

My Thoughts:
I don't have a lot of experience with graphic novels. I likes what I likes! And I liked this one!

Friends With Boys is a graphic novel about a teenage girl starting public school for the first time. Her mother left and she is being raised by her father, along with 3 older brothers.  While navigating high school for the first time (and all crap that brings) she manages to become friends with two outcasts who accept her and help her come out of her shell. And there's a ghost.

Firstly, I loved the artwork. It's in black & white, which is my favorite style. The graphics are clean and detailed but not cluttered. The story is easy to follow and there's a good balance between the graphics and the words.

This story is really funny. All the characters have distinct personalities and I especially loved the parts of the family interacting. It was easy to relate to Maggie's feelings about high school. I wish the story had been longer! The only thing I didn't really "get" was the whole ghost element. Maggie is being haunted. It wasn't really explained very well, but it didn't make the story any less enjoyable for me.

For anyone who is new to graphic novels, this would be a good start because it's a short, quick, easy to follow story.

Bottom Line: Great characters, great graphics, great story. 4/5

I originally borrowed this from the library but will be buying my own copy!


  1. I don't claim to be one of those cool graphic novel reading hipsters, but I like graphic novels too! This one has been on my radar for awhile, so I might pick it up for the next readathon... ;)

    1. Haha, I'm totally uncool. I'm totally cool with it. This one would be PERFECT for a read-a-thon!