Back to Basics

This blog layout was looking all sorts of crazy. I have no idea what I'm doing or how to change stuff. So, for now I changed the layout to something simple and easy to read.  Sometime in hopefully the near future, I'll get a blogging-for-dummies book, and perhaps find someone who can design a cool-ass header for me. I was using all sorts of different font colors, so past blog entries may not be so easy to read. You live, you learn.

I think I was going about this whole blog thing all wrong.  I was concentrating and worrying too much about how my posts were coming across. Especially when it came to my thoughts on the books I was reading. When it comes to writing professional, succinct "reviews", well, that's not me. I have a friend whose writing is very witty and funny. Yeah, things like that just don't come out of my brain.  I use the word awesome a lot and sometimes my thoughts are a bit jumbled. But, I didn't start this blog for other people, I started it because reading is one of my passions, and I wanted a place I could record my thoughts about all the books I've read. The in my mailbox, top ten tuesday, etc are just fun extras.

So. Back to the basics. Write for myself. And if on the off-chance people like what I write, perhaps they'll be back.  If not, who cares.

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