My Thoughts: Outside In (Maria V. Snyder)

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Cover: Goes with the first book

My Thoughts:  This "review" may contain a spoiler if you haven't read the first book.
So if you read my thoughts on Inside Out you know I had trouble getting into the story, and almost quit.  Well book 2 was soo much better. I already knew the world of Inside so it was easy to get drawn right in. I finished this book quickly and while I liked it more than the first it still left a lot of unanswered questions.

The story was more developed and definitely had a lot more action and suspense.  I was not happy about Cog's fate in book 1. Even though he was hardly in the book, he was highly likable. Unlike Trella. However, in Outside In,  I found myself less annoyed with her, and she definitely showed she could be tough and that she really did care about others. My favorite character, however, is definitely Logan. He's funny, and smart, a bit nerdy, not afraid to get in on the action. The world that Maria created was very imaginative and unique and, if done right could be totally cool on the big screen.

I'm not going to get into the details of the book, you'll have to read it for that. While the end was satisfactory, I still have a LOT of unanswered questions, like where did the Insiders and Ousiders originally originate from? Who put them all on this ship? Are there people on Earth while they are in Outer Space? What exactly did the Outsiders do to be exiled? Etc.  I know that not all books can end with a well-wrapped up package of an ending....but I need to know more!

Favorite Quotes:
"My world changed in a heartbeat."

Bottom Line:  Solid second book...hoping for a book 3 to address my unanswered questions.  3/5 "stars"