August in Retrograde

Time for my August Recap.

August was hard. I'll have a later personal post touching on this fact.
The good news is, it's over and I'm looking forward to Fall and the possibilities it brings.

After being away from my blog for quite a while, I'm back in the action.
I'm slowly getting this blog in to tip top shape. After 2 years I finally figured out how to add tabs to the top, and actually put stuff on the page it links to. (Thanks to my brother the computer whiz)
I eventually want to make a more attractive layout to fit my blog title and learn how to add other cool stuff. All in good time. Right now my focus is posting more and writing good reviews on every book I read.

August Blog recap:
Total posts: 8
Total books read: 4
Favorite read of the month: Feed (Mira Grant)
Least Favorite read of the month: Abandon (Meg Cabot)
Total books reviewed: 2
New Followers: 0 (I mean i wouldn't follow someones blog either who doesn't post consistently, but hoping I can change this!)

I'm looking forward to reading lots more books (hopefully ones I already own), although there are books coming out this fall that I can't NOT buy. I'm looking at YOU Days of Blood and Starlight and The Lost Prince !!


  1. I totally understand wanting to improve your blog. Have you ever heard of Bloggiesta? It's September 28-30 and it is the BEST WAY I've found on learning to improve and use your blog because it's all bloggers helping each other out with blog stuff and tutorials. I did it earlier this year and was AMAZED at all I learned. If you're on Twitter, it's @Bloggiesta or there's a hashtag #Bloggiesta.

    1. I had heard the term, but never really new what it was about. I don't have a Twitter account, but I've seen where you can join up on someone's blog. Sounds like an awesome idea to me!! Thanks for mentioning it!

    2. Check this out since you don't have a Twitter: http://www.theresabook.com/2012/09/bloggiesta-participants-welcome-lets-get-signed-up/

      If you ever do get on Twitter, find me please! I'm @BookwormAsheley. :)

    3. Thanks Asheley I'm def signing up..my little blog here needs all the help it can get!