Bloggiesta Mini-challenge: About Me

I love the idea of this Bloggiesta mini-challenge idea! This one is hosted by Nova Library Mom.
Blogging to me, is a very personal thing, and I don't want my personal voice to get lost within my review and meme posts.

So about me..hmm these things are always hard for me to write. I don't think I'm at all interesting. I'll just give some random facts.

I've been reading ever since I can remember. I remember taking weekly trips to Waldenbooks with my dad. He always encouraged my reading by buying me books. Whenever I would get punished and sent to my room for fighting with my brother (which was pretty much a daily occurrence), you could find me sitting in the bottom of my closet. The shelves were filled to the brim not with clothes, but my favorite characters and stories. Reading is my escape. I missed out on a lot of experiences growing up and books help me live some of those things vicariously through my favorite characters. I guess my obsession with magic and fantasy worlds comes from my lack of enjoyment of real life.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Nursing and regret picking this as my major. I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking. I'm more an animal person than a people person. I've always been shy and socially awkward. Strangers make me anxious, as do really large crowds. One of my worst fears is having to make small talk with people. I'm about to make a major life change and start a new job. On one hand I'm soo freaking excited, it sounds like something that's right up my ally. It's more focused on the administration/business aspect of nursing. At the same time, I'm completely terrified. New place, new people, new job to learn. At least I know the hell I'm walking into every day right now. But I think it's meant to be!

Speaking of animals..I have a huge passion and big heart for them. My dad is a vet, so I've been around them my whole life. My heart BREAKS when I see animals hurting or abused. When I pass dead animals on the side of the road I have to look away, it doesn't matter if it's a deer or skunk or opossum. The Neverending Story and Bambi scarred me for life. I don't have any pets right now, but plan to get a dog when I move out of my apartment. My biggest love is for ocean mammals. Another obsession of mine.

I love art and crafts. I've gone through a couple obsession phases where I've spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on a craft, then got bored and moved on to another. I have enough yarn, scrapbooking paper, and stamps to last for quite a while!

I started stalking book blogs a couple years ago. I couldn't get enough. So I started my own to talk about the books I've read and because I thought it would be fun. I had a lull there for a bit but I'm back now and am really enjoying it. Bloggiesta has been great. I've already learned so many ways to make my blog and blogging experience better.

Now for some randomness:
-I hate wearing socks but I can't wear shoes without them.
-Whenever I'm driving in my car, I count the numbers and letters on every license plate I see. Weird I know.
-Some day I'd like to go sky diving.
-I'm obsessed with magic, medieval times, Merlin, and Harry Potter.
-I could eat macaroni and cheese every day for the rest.of.my.life.
-I like nuts, but not when they're in stuff. Nuts in cakes, pies and cookies? Bleck. Give me a nut on its own? I'm good.
-My favorite colors are blue then purple then green. I hate yellow.
-My dream job would be a marine biologist.

Well that's that. Now you know much more about me then you ever wanted to :)

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  1. Fun list! I also detest socks. Except my solution is to live in flip flops and flats until I absolutely cannot anymore (generally when there's snow on the ground). Apparently, I've passed this along to my daughter, because she takes both her shoes AND her socks off as soon as we enter the house from any outside activity or errand. At least my floors are clean! ;)