My Blog Grade (Bloggiesta mini-challenge)

Smash Attacks is hosting an AWESOME mini-challenge for Bloggiesta. Visit her site for more details.

You can go to this free website grader, enter your blog url and it gives you a grade based on their pre-populated data.

My blog grade is: 66/100

I'm not at all unhappy about this. I was actually expecting much worse. I'm still working out kinks and have only been getting really really into my blog the past month or two. The site doesn't just give your blog a grade, but breaks it down for you into different areas and shows you exactly how they arrived at that grade, and ways to improve. Soo many good ideas and great information. It's soo easy to do too.


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  1. We can always do things better, right? I think the website gives you a lot of great information on how to improve your blog. Good luck to you!