So I just saw this post over at It's All About Books, and I LOVE this idea. 


Listening: Pink's new album The Truth About Love. My socks have been rocked.
(Here's one of my faves off the album....only has a lyric video)

Eating: Well, I just finished inhaling a massive amount of Chinese food and now I feel a bit sluggish and a bit sickish and a bit vomitish.  I freakin LOVE Chinese food..even if it does end up making me feel like this:

Loving: The fact that I only have ONE MORE WEEK of my current job and then I will starting somewhere new and I hope I LOVE it!

Reading: Pretties by Scott Westerfeld. I just posted my review of the first book in this series (Uglies). I'm digging the second book, not too much more to go. The main character is growing on me..not a LOT but maybe an inch or so. But the story continues to be addicting.

Feeling: Sick from all the Chinese food I just devoured.

 Excited to be starting a new job in the coming weeks.
And scared as hell to be starting a new job in the coming weeks.

Watching: The Vampire Diaries SEASON 3 on netflix. Oh. My. Lord. This. Show. Kills. Me. It's. So . Freaking. Fangtastic.  Damon or Stefan, Damon or Stefan..I JUST CAN'T CHOOSE!
Elena is one lucky bitch.

Wanting: hmm....I could prolly use a little antacid right about now. But what I REALLY want is Damon. NO. Stefan. Nope. Dimitri. Okay just kidding. I want them all.

Needing: Well, ahem, my apartment is in GREAT need of a little cleaning/straightening up.
Hmmm....maybe tomorrow?

Thinking: About my trip to YALLFEST in November! It will be my first bookish event and author meeting/signing. I'm equal parts excited and terrified. I get anxious around large groups of people. But I can't NOT go. I'm going with my friend Jessica and her mom, whom I've known my whole life. It's in Charleston, South Carolina and we're going to make a long weekend of it.  It should be fun times!

Enjoying: The 50 new books I just bought at the Green valley Book Fair, all for cheap!! (Massive In My Mailbox post coming up next week). If I could figure out what exactly a vlog entails I would give that a try. But I'm not tech-savvy.  And I got 2 new how to draw cartoon books. Hells yeah.
(Not my actual book pile.)

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