Make it a Quickie?

I've decided to start having some quickies. Once or twice a month sounds good. Sometimes you just don't have time or feel like spending more then a few minutes devoting yourself to certain activities. But you can't completely give it up. That would be crazy!

Of course I'm talking about book reviews (stop being dirty you sexual deviant).  In the past I've felt like reviewing was an all or nothing thing. I had to post a long-ish  review about every book I read,  which being that I'm not a good writer could def take some time. And then I would get behind and that in turn would stress me out. So instead I just wouldn't post my thoughts at all.

 But then I had a light bulb moment (which let's face it, are rare for me).   For the books I don't write "official" reviews on I will instead do a short quickie post. I still want to be able to share my thoughts on all the books I read!  It will most likely involve several books, once or twice a month and happen on Mondays:  It's Monday! Better Make it a Quickie!

Yes??  Yes. I thinks so.  However, my FOR REVIEW books will continue getting the old-fashioned treatment.

I shall have my first official quickie next Monday! Stay tuned :)


  1. !- You know I totally giggled when I read the first paragraph. 2- I think this is a GREAT idea! Sometimes, you just don't have that much to say about a book. I call those my Bandstand Books, because my "reviews" of them are much like the comments from the old American Bandstand TV show-- "It's got a good beat, I can dance to it." Sometimes, that's the best you can do.

  2. Bandstand! You're such a great comparererer! Agreed.