Know Me Better

I love this idea! Know Me Better is hosted by I Am A Reader, Not a Writer. Each week she picks 5 questions off her author interview list to answer. Anyone can participate and she has a place to link up on her page! OOH yeah!

1. Pieces of Advice you have for aspiring writers?
-Well, I'm not really qualified to give any type of advice. But I suppose from a reader's point of view I would say to aspiring writers: Don't let the negative reviews outweigh the positives.

2. Favorite TV show when you were younger?
Oh man, sooo many shows. If we're talking about REALLY young it was Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Secret World of David Gnome, the ORIGINAL Looney Toons, Duck Tales, Captain Planet, The Smurfs, Rescue Rangers, Doug, Tiny Toons, and Tale Spin! I MISS THEM! Kids shows now a days don't even come close to comparing to the awesomeness of shows in the 80's and 90's. Tragic, really.

How about a little clip of one of my favorite intros? I think so.  I know the recipe for Gummiberry juice but there's just one little problem.....NO GUMMIBERRIES! Also tragic.

3. What would we find if we looked under your bed?
-Nothing exciting. Just a scrunched up travel bag, 2 clothes containers full of clothes I never wear, and let's not forget the copious amounts of dust bunnies. They're friendly really.
4. Book Store or Library?
-If this is one of those questions where I HAVE to choose one OR the other for fear of death, I would choose book store.  If my life isn't threatened, then I choose BOTH!  I love bookstores, because that means I get to keep the books. But I also love the library too, because they're free!
5. Heads or Tails?
The classic question....tails!  Or heads. Heads or tails?


  1. I'm not qualified to give that kind of advice either, I didn't know what to say. That's true, shows these days aren't anything like they used to. Another reason I'm glad I grew up in the 90s

  2. Hahaha!Love your answer for bookstore or library. And yes, I agree with you about kids shows now.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I LOVE the Gummi Bears! They released the first 3 seasons as a DVD set and I totally bought it. I really don't care that I was 25 years old at the time either. :)

  4. You must've been in my time LOL those were all the ones that ran through my mind when I was thinking of this question LOL

    My KMB.

  5. I loved a lot of the same cartoons- the Gummi Bears, Tiny Toons, The Smurfs, and DuckTales. I completely agree with you; today's cartoons just can't compare to the shows from the 80's and 90's!

  6. I don't think I've ever heard of the Gummi Bears...but definitely some of my other fave TV shows are the Looney Tunes and The Smurfs! I still watch these shows every now and then...reminds me of the good ol' days...

  7. OMG I honestly watched ALL the same cartoons as you did! I was just signing along to that Gummi Bear intro like it was only yesterday :D I liked your advice to aspiring writers & agree completely with your answer on bookstores vs libraries!! Oh and my dust bunnies are friendly too but they sure to multiply at an alarming rate :S GREAT answers all around, thanks for sharing ♥