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I like bold, bright colors. I like dark and twisted. I like art that doesn't make sense. I like art that draws me in and doesn't want to let me go. Conventional or unconventional. Hard  and  soft.  Light and dark. It's emotional. It's emotionless. It's cathartic.  It can mean nothing or it can mean everything.  Art is as much for the creator as it is for the admirer. And because of that, I believe there is no bad art.  As long as people are imagining and expressing and inventing and creating.....

  Every week I'm going to highlight a couple of my newly discovered favorite artists. Maybe the art will be bookish related, maybe not.  I will always post the link to the artist's page. 

 by Sara Michaels @ SEMillustrations - This talented gal specializes in children-esque drawings with creepy elements.  Here's 2 of my favorites:
Cinderella Illustration - 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 Print
Sleeping Beauty Illustration - 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 Print
by William Ray @ WhimsicalFunk - What a PERFECT name.
Bloom So - Original Mixed Media on Broken Skateboard
*This piece is done on a broken skateboard!*
Fragile is Our Way - Original Illustration on Cardboard
by Bryan Collins - I'm in love with the colors and this guy's style.
We Are People Seeds ORIGINAL Steampunk Illustration
A Tangled Attraction original lighthouse illustration on wood by Bryan Collins



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