Top Ten Tuesday: Disappointments!

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This week's topic:

Top Ten Books I Thought I'd Like MORE Than I Did
....meaning they all sucked the life out of me and NOT in a good way.
1. Rootless
I almost DNF this book so. many. times. It's a shame because the story line was unique. Unfortunately, it was a failure of execution and I found the characters to be boring and unlikeable. GREAT cover though.
2. The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1)
AHHH! This book make me want to commit literary homicide. I already gave the book away because I hated it so much. I wrote a ranting review HERE, if you feel so inclined.  JUST NO.
3. Abandon (Abandon Trilogy, #1)
Another Greek mythology re-telling gone WRONG. I was beginning to lose hope at this point.
4. Wildefire (Wildefire, #1)
I was soo hyped to read this book, but it fell apart with lack of detail and failure of the plot to go anywhere interesting. I did post a review HERE.
5. Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1)
Try not to throw things at me. This book was SOOO hyped up. I picked it up partly because of that (I was seeing it on EVERYONE's FAVORITE lists) and partly because I love cyborgs and I love the cover and it sounded amazing. ....    chirpchirp..  I was disappointed with the characters. I think that was my biggest problem. The story itself was interesting, but I wanted more from the characters. MOREMORE.
6. Obsidian (Lux, #1)
Another hyped up book I thought I was going to love. I was totally into it for the first couple chapters. Then no. Just no.  I read half-way through and then gave up. My biggest problem with THIS book was the writing. My UNofficial thoughts can be found HERE.
7. Firelight (Firelight, #1)Vanish (Firelight, #2)Hidden (Firelight, #3)
I'm so frustrated with this series. This was a case of a love triangle done wrong. The romance (and main character) severely put me off and it sucked because I loved the dragon lore. I barely escaped with my life. BOO on YOU.
8. The Nightmare Affair (The Arkwell Academy, #1)
I was super excited when I got approved for the netgalley copy of this book.  A new creature called a Nightmare! YES! While that part of the book was unique and interesting, the actual story was NOT and it was predictable and blah. Sadsies.
That's all of those that I can think of at the moment. SO, in order to make my list complete, the last 2 are going to be:
Top Two Books I thought I'd like Less then I did
....MEANING I expected to LIKE them, but ended up LOVING them. I love being impressed.
1. (9.) Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy, #1)
I just posted my REVIEW recently and let's just say I loved this unique angel/demon book and have already pre-ordered the next book in the series!
2. (10.) Darkness Becomes Her (Gods & Monsters, #1)
I picked this book up on a whim at a book fair last year.  This book exceeded my expectations! Magic, vampires, voodoo, curses, New Orleans, gods, goddesses, surprises, twists, turns, excitement.
Already ordered the next book in the series!
Tis the end of my list.
Agree? Disagree?
Make a list of your own? I needs your link.


  1. I was disappointed in Cinder as well. I thought it had potential to be so much more, but there was a lot of description and not a lot was happening. The Nightmare Affair was a lot like Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. A LOT like it to the point where I found it hard to ignore that.

    Great list!
    Savindi @ The Streetlight Reader

  2. I haven't even read Hidden yet, because I was generally annoyed by the first two in the Firelight series.

    TTT at Krista's Dust Jacket

  3. I love, love, love Sweet Evil. Its such a great book and I can't wait for the next one to come out!!! I also agree with you about Cinder. I liked it, but it was just so hyped up.
    Old follower
    my TTT

  4. I have the same thing with hyped books. I'm always wary of them! Most of them I ended up loving less than I thought I would.

    My TTT

  5. I didn't like Abandon nearly as much as I wanted to either. I love Meg Cabot, but am having a hard time getting through this series. I just ordered Sweet Evil for my Kindle a few days ago. I've heard great things.
    Here's my TTT

  6. Noooooooooo, I LOVED CINDER!!! But I totally agree about the Goddess Test, it was just kind of boring!! Great picks!!
    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday

  7. I really enjoyed Firelight, but Vanish was just okay and I stopped reading Hidden somewhere in the middle; I couldn't stand Jacinda's drama anymore. I've heard a lot of bad things about The Goddess Test; I think I'll stay away from it, lol. Nice list.

  8. Aww - I liked Cinder - way more than I thought I would.

    Tanya Patrice

  9. Aww I love Obsidian :( but I totes agree with you about Sweet Evil!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  10. Totally agree about Cinder. I thought it was going to be amazing and it simply didn't do it for me. Only two books you liked better is a drag. Hopefully you can find some less disappointing ones soon. :)